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Logging in

Logging into the SAHEMS Web Application

Introduction to the interface

Introduction to the SAHEMS user interface that surrounds each page

Introduction to roles

An introduction to the concept of roles in SAHEMS

Introduction to incidents

An introduction to the concept of incidents in SAHEMS and how to create an incident in the system

Updating an incident

How to update an incident in SAHEMS via a Situation Report

Ambulance incident roles

An overview of Ambulance incident roles in SAHEMS

Introduction to activities

This video tutorials covers the basics of creating an activity in SAHEMS

Scheduled activities

An explaination of the difference between completed and scheduled activities in SAHEMS

Introduction to forms

Introduction to forms in SAHEMS

Introduction to notifications

An introduction to the concept and types of notifications in SAHEMS

Reading and acknowledging notificaitons

Reading and acknowledging notifications in SAHEMS

Health capacity form

A breif overview of the Health Capacity Form

Heat Related Activity Form

A brief introduction to the Heat Related Activity Form

Ambulance casualty movement log

An overview of the ambulance casualty movement log in SAHEMS

Other resources

An overview of other resources available in the SAHEMS system

Handing over a role

A brief overview of handing over a role in the SAHEMS application

Closing an incident

A brief overview of closing the incident